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Reminderville resident mulch discount program

Reminderville Resident Landscaping Program Starting April 17

Savarino Brothers Garden Center is offering Reminderville residents a discount on landscaping materials.  When you place your order, be sure to tell them you are a Reminderville resident.

The Reminderville Service Department will be doing free deliveries on Fridays ONLY.  Maximum amount on Friday deliveries per address per week is 10 yards.  Savarino Brothers will apply their $29 delivery charge on all other days of the week.  Visit savarinobrothers.com for a mulch calendar.

For pricing, see flyer here: Mulch flyer


Safety Town – June 12-16

Reminderville Safety Town!

WHO: Children entering kindergarten in the fall

WHAT: Safety Town is a program that teaches children how to be safe at home, school, and play. The children are instructed on pedestrian safety, school bus safety, seat belt safety, drug and poison safety, stranger danger, and gun safety. Activities include a ride on a school bus to Wilcox Elementary School, fingerprinting at the police department, and fire safety tips at the firehouse! The week will end with a graduation party!

WHERE: Ray Williams Park Pavilion   3601 Glenwood Blvd*

*unless otherwise instructed

WHEN: June 12-June 16   1:00 -3:00

REGISTRATION: Forms are available here: Safety Town registration and at Village Hall.  Village Hall is open Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00.

Deadline for applications is Friday, May 26th, 2017.

There is no fee for Reminderville residents. Non-residents must contact Village Hall to see if space is available. Non–resident fee is $25.00.

Mailing Address:  Village of Reminderville – Safety Town!  3382 Glenwood Blvd.  Reminderville, OH 44202

If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Task at Village Hall 330-562-1234 or stask@reminderville.com

Family Story Time and Mobile Library in Reminderville every Friday!

story-timeThe Twinsburg Library is bringing Family Story Time and the Mobile Library to the Village!  Story Time is held every Friday at Heritage Hall at 10:00am.  Family Story Time is open to children of all ages and their caregivers.  The Mobile Library is available to check out & return library items.  Heritage Hall is located at 3601 Glenwood Blvd across from the police station.  Bring the kiddos and enjoy story telling and activities!

In case of emergency…calling 911 on a landline vs a cell phone

In case of emergency…

When you call 911 using a landline, the call is traced through the phone number to the exact location it is attached to.

When you call 911 using a cell phone, that is not the case!  That phone number is not attached to any one location. 

While your cell phone can tell Facebook, Google maps, and even some video games exactly where you are located, it can’t tell 911 operators the same thing.

When you use a cell phone to call 911, that call connects to a cell tower.  The dispatcher receives the location of the cell tower, not the location of the cell phone.  This could be a drastic difference in area.  The cell tower may not even be in the same county you are making the call from and that can cause a delay in emergency services response time. 

Reminderville uses Twinsburg’s Emergency Call Center.  If you call 911 from a landline inside Reminderville, it connects to Twinsburg and the dispatcher will know the location immediately.  If you call 911 from a cell phone inside Reminderville, you will need to tell them your location and that you need Twinsburg’s Emergency Call Center.  If you say that you live in Aurora or Twinsburg, it will delay the dispatcher looking for a street in the wrong city. 

Herrington Place, Willowbrook, Glenwood Greens, Old Village, New Village, Aurora Shores, Liberty Ledges — you are a resident of the Village of Reminderville.  It doesn’t matter what zip code you use or what school district you are in – your street is listed with the Twinsburg Emergency Call Center. 

*Reminderville non-emergency number 330-425-7874 also connects to the Twinsburg Emergency Call Center. 

*If you call 911 with a cell phone outside of Reminderville, the call will connect to the closest cell tower and the call center associated with that tower will assist you.


Stay informed – Stay safe!


Reminderville Village Hall * Reminderville Police Dept * Reminderville Fire Dept


Do You Know Where You Live?

RemindervilleIt may seem like a silly question, but with the uniqueness of Reminderville’s borders and having two school systems, this comes up quite often.  Every street on the Reminderville Street Map is a part of the Village of Reminderville.  Whether you have zip code 44202 or 44087, whether you live in “Old Village”, “New Village”, most of Aurora Shores, Herrington, Willowbrook, Crossings, Glenbrook, Glenwood Apartments, or Liberty Ledges, if your street is on the map – you are in the Village of Reminderville.

This is important to know especially for emergency purposes! If you call 911 and give them an incorrect city, it will delay assistance as they try to find your location. When you call 911 for help, always tell them you live in Reminderville and your dispatch is Twinsburg so the call will quickly go to our responders. If you have a landline for your home phone, call your phone company and make sure your number is set up for Twinsburg dispatch.

Also, remember to file your RITA Taxes and register your license plates as a Reminderville resident.

If you have any questions, contact Stacey Task at Village Hall.  330-562-1234