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Cleveland Water will start monthly billing January 2017


Beginning in January 2017, Cleveland Water will be transitioning accounts from quarterly to monthly billing to help customers better manage their household budget, track their water usage and detect possible leaks sooner.  Once the transition is completed, water meters will be read monthly, and all consuption and other related charges will be based on a monthly rate.


Will more frequent bills mean estimated readings?  No.  The vast majority of customers have been upgraded to our Automated meter Reading (AMR) system which electronically provides daily and hourly readings from your water meter so you bills always reflect your actual usage.

Will my water bill look different?  No.  You water bill will look the same.  The only difference is your bill will reflect one month of usage instead of three.

Will my bill be different during the transitional period?  No.  However, some custromers may receive a bill htat is prorated for thier last quarterly bill or their first monthly bill just until the transition to monthly billing is completed.

If I sign up for paperless billing, must I sign up for automoatic recurring payments?  No.  Signing up for paperless billing does not obligate you to make automatic recurring payments.  Go green!  Register online at www.clevelandwater.com

Is there a charge for paying online or via telephone?  No.  Cleveland Water does not charge a service fee to our customers for online payment through our portal or payments made via telephone.  You can use your credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account.