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January 11, 2018

Media Contact: Leanne Beavers, BSN, RN, Summit County Public Health
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It is Still Not Too Late To Get the Flu Vaccine

  • Akron, Ohio – Summit County Public Health (SCPH) warns Summit County that the flu
    is widespread across Ohio as well as 46 other States. Symptoms of flu can include
    fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Flu and the common
    cold are both respiratory illnesses so it is important to know the difference. Use the
    quick reference chart below to help you determine if it is the flu or a common cold.
    However, when in doubt make an appointment with your family physician.
    SYMPTOMS                                        COLD                                                      FLU
    Fever                                                       Rare                                                          Usually Present
    Aches                                                      Slight                                                        Usual, often severe
    Chills                                                       Uncommon                                           Fairly Common
    Tiredness                                             Mild                                                            Moderate to severe
    Sudden Symptoms                          Symptoms appear gradually       Symptoms can appear within 3-6 hours
    Coughing                                              Hacking, productive cough          Dry, unproductive cough
    Sneezing                                               Common                                                  Uncommon
    Stuffy nose                                          Common                                                  Uncommon
    Sore throat                                          Common                                                  Uncommon
    Chest Discomfort                            Mild to moderate                               Often severe
    Headache                                             Uncommon                                            Common
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  • Influenza A (H3N2) viruses have been the most common flu viruses circulating this
    season, according to the CDC. The Ohio Department of Health states, “H3N2-
    predominant flu seasons have been associated with more severe illness, especially
    among children and adults age 65 and older. Vaccine effectiveness against H3N2
    viruses has been around 30 percent. Vaccine effectiveness against other circulating flu 
    viruses has been about 60 percent for H1N1 viruses, and around 50 percent for
    influenza B viruses. A study also done on flu vaccination said that it can significantly
    reduce a child’s risk of dying from the flu”. It is not too late to get your flu vaccination.
    Flu vaccinations are still available at most healthcare providers’ offices and retail
  • Other ways to avoid getting or spreading the flu include washing hands frequently;
    covering coughs and sneezes with tissues; coughing or sneezing into elbows; avoiding
    touching eyes, nose and mouth; and staying home when sick and until fever-free for 24
    hours without using fever-reducing medication. Persons with flu like symptoms should
    not visit patients in hospitals or nursing homes.
  • For more information on flu please visit www.flu.ohio.gov or www.scphoh.org.