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We decorate our smartphone

Everyone wants his smartphone to look beautiful. To do this, make efforts. We will consider the main decoration options in the article.

There is one trick: use a transparent cover. This will make it possible to change the decor at least every day, especially if it is unsuccessful. Homemadely decorating your smartphone, you will save finances.

Options for ideas

Special widgets will help to decorate the smartphone. They can be downloaded on the Internet without problems. With their appearance and functionality, they conquered many. The presence of a large screen smartphone opens many opportunities. You can download both living wallpapers, and just a beautiful picture or animation. While the screen is in working condition, the mobile phone will attract others with their original appearance. But this version of decoration and disadvantages have. During the shutdown of the screen, the smartphone again becomes incredible. In this case, covers will help. They will not only make the appearance attractive, but also protect the smartphone from scratches. Original covers are currently sold, for example, in the shape of a hand or a huge ear. All attention will be focused on your gadget. This is very original, and looks unusual.

Another option is stickers or drawings. The first can be purchased in stores or special mobile salons. As for the drawings, you can turn to artists. They draw everything you want.

So that the result does not upset you, you must think everything in advance. The most important thing is to include imagination. If you are going to throw out old things, then do not rush to do it. An ideal option will be a cover, for example, from an old tie or jacket.

Decoration of flowers

A very simple way. It is necessary to collect any flowers or plants, compress them and apply them to the cover from the gadget. Then carefully cover with transparent varnish. Everything, the flower composition is ready.

For fans of glamor, you can decorate the cover with sparkles. This is done in the same way as with flowers.

You can download topics. Their choice is huge, everyone will find a suitable for themselves. The screen can be made dark, light and even color. Everything is done very easily and does not need to make any effort.

As you can see, there are many options for decorating a smartphone. The choice is yours. In the end, it remains only to enjoy your creation and delight others. Fantasy will help you with this. You certainly will not find an analogue to your gadget! As you asked, we have prepared a list of the best online casinos for newbies and have already posted on our website.