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Committees, Boards, and Commissions normally meet once a month.  All meetings are open to the public and a great way to hear what is going on in Reminderville.

List of Committees

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall be comprised of two Council members and three residents.  The responsibilities and duties of the Finance Committee include reviewing financial aspects of all documents, audit and review of invoices, and assisting in budget preparation.

Planning & Zoning Commission: The Planning & Zoning Commission shall consist of the Mayor, one Council member, and three residents.  The duties of the commission include recommending to Council the boundaries of the various original zoning district and appropriate regulations to be enforced.

Board of Zoning Appeals:  The BZA shall consist of two Council members and three residents.  They shall hear and decide appeals for exceptions to our zoning codes.

Civil Service Commission:  The Civil Service Commission shall consist of three residents.  They shall determine the practicality of competitive exams for any non-elected office or job classification in the service of the Municipality.  Members are salaried.

Architectural Board of Review:  The ABR shall consist of two Council members, three residents, and one alternate. They shall regulate the design, materials, and orientation of all structures to be constructed, as well as all exterior modifications to existing structures.

Charter Review Commission:  Article XX of the City’s Official Charter mandates that in January of 2015 and every five years thereafter the Mayor shall appoint a Commission of five (5) resident-electors. Those appointed cannot be holding any other office or appointment in this municipality. They will serve without compensation until their duties are completed in accordance with Section 20.02 of the Official Charter.

Long-Term Community Development:  The LTCDC shall consist of the Mayor and five residents. They shall prepare a written long-range planning recommendation for Council that will enhance the character and quality of life of the Municipality.

Communications Committee:  The Communications Committee is responsible for maximizing the effective distribution of facts and general information to residents specifically and the northeastern Ohio region in general.

Parks & Recreation Committee:  The Parks & Rec committee is devoted to building a stronger community through the use of City land and parks with the planning and leading of activities, programs, services, and events for residents.

JEDD Board:  The Joint Economic Development District Board is comprised of three Twinsburg Township members and three Reminderville members with one alternate from each municipality.  The primary purpose of the JEDD is to promote jobs and economic development in the JEDD area.

Records Commission:  The functions of this commission shall be to provide rules for retention and disposal of records of the Municipality.