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Students & Youth


Per Twinsburg City School District’s policy, students must complete a minimum of ten (10) community service hours for each year enrolled at Twinsburg High School in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Students should submit at least the minimum number of hours at the end of each year. It is recommended that senior students have their total amount of required community service hours for graduation submitted at the end of Semester 1 of their senior year. Students not fulfilling this requirement will not receive a diploma.

Community service work shall be voluntary with no payment rendered for service and must be completed outside of normal school hours. Service credit will only be accepted from non-profit organizations and/or for individuals that are not capable of performing the work themselves due to being elderly or disabled. No service credit will be granted for work completed for students’ immediate family (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.)

Community Service Verification Forms should be completely filled out and signed by the individual or non-profit organization, making sure to include a contact phone number for verification purposes. Students are urged to turn in completed forms into the Guidance Office upon the conclusion of each service activity.