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1/13 Summit Cty Press Conference Vaccine Distribution

SCPH and EMA to hold Phase 1B Vaccine Distribution Press Conference

 On Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., Summit County Public Health (SCPH) and Summit County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will host a virtual press conference in accordance with a request from Governor DeWine to inform the public about local coordinated Phase 1B COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans. Representatives from local hospitals and community leaders will join SCPH and EMA. The press conference will be live streamed on County Executive Ilene Shapiro’s Facebook page. Members of the media should ask questions via the Facebook Live chat feature or contact Greta Johnson in advance for the call in number.

What: Phase 1B Vaccine Distribution Plan Virtual Press Conference

Who: SCPH, EMA, Local hospitals and Community Leaders

When: January 13, 2021   2:00 p.m.