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On September 20th our Seniors were delighted with
an Apple-palooza lunch at the RAC

Hosted by Maplewood Senior Living and Heartland of Twinsburg

The menu for this luncheon was apple-infused dishes that were full of Fall flavors!

By Vicki Jeromos-Blayney, Communications Committee Chair

They started it off right with Caramel Apple Dip and apple slices!

(Side-note: We made this for the Browns game…it was yummy and they won that night!!! This recipe is a keeper.) 

Then it was Apple Butter Pulled Pork Sliders with a bit of barbecue sauce added in.   This is a great Fall dish – the tangy barbecue sauce and then a burst of apple!  

And they ended with a crispy and delicious Apple Strudel made by the chef at Maplewood! 

So Yummy!


It was a wonderfully filling event for our Seniors!
Thank you to Stacie from Maplewood for bringing lunch and apples to take home!