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Seniors Bingo in Reminderville

Calling to a full house

by Vicki Jeromos-Blayney

On a Monday night at the RAC, my daughter and I got the wonderful opportunity to call bingo for a lively and fun bunch of seniors. Not knowing what we were in for or how to call bingo. Well, my daughter and I received excellent instructions from the seniors who showed us the ropes. First, we got an understanding on the best way to call the game. Then to my great surprise I learned some of the many ways to play bingo. I’ve listed the ones below that we played. Everything in red are the numbers in the squares that needed to be called to win.

So after prizes were awarded and coffee drunk, I learned a lot about bingo. Kira and I both enjoyed
ourselves and are looking forward to playing a game of bingo sometime soon.

Thank you Seniors!

If you’d like to join the fun, the next Seniors Bingo day is on April 12th at 10:30am at the Reminderville Athletic Club!