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Kick Start Dance inspiring Kids

A quick chat with dance instructor, Donala!

Donala taught Kick Start Dance for children ages 3-5 at the Reminderville Athletic Club recently and here are her thoughts about teaching these amazing kids.


1.What types of dance did you instruct the kids in?
The children were introduced to ballet, tap and jazz.

2.What is the positive benefit for the kids?
Dance benefits everyone! Dance provides a non-verbal way for children to express themselves, whether happy, sad or somewhere in between. Children also have the opportunity to show their own creativity through movement. A dance class at an early age also teaches children life skills, such as, making a circle, standing in a line, taking turns, following directions from someone other than a parent. These are all big steps for little ones!

3.What are the benefits at starting at this age?
Starting at a young age allows children to find a way to use their own creativity to express themselves. For our littlest of dancers, this is often their first classroom experience—they learn dance steps and terminology, coordination skills, life skills (ie-taking turns, staying focused, standing in a line), taking directions from an adult other than their parents and leaving mom and dad for a short period of time. Separating from parents for class is really hard for some kiddos and parents. It takes time and it’s ok. This is also a great way for both parents and children to prepare for preschool.  Finally, dance provides a fun way to get children moving.  In a world of electronics, dance provides an unplugged way to have a ton of fun while interacting with others and making new friends.

4.What do you love the most about teaching?
I absolutely love introducing children to the art of dance. It is so much fun to teach them new ways of moving and to use music to tell stories—their excitement lights up the room. Dance can be frustrating when you cannot master a step or when it is not “clicking” for you, but the jubilation of when it does for a student is priceless.

5.When will you teach this or another class at the RAC?
We have not finalized the schedule for next session, but look forward to doing so. If anyone is interested in joining the next session, please contact the RAC either at (234) 212-9773 or stop in today. Please stay tuned!


Images taken during their final performance in front of an exciting crowd or parents and loved ones.

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