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Message from Twinsburg Schools Superintendent: Bus Stops

From Kathi Powers, Twinsburg City Schools Superintendent:
In driving through the district this morning, I observed many of our students standing in the street awaiting for their school buses because the corner bus stops have not been plowed due to the amount of snow and the difficulty of moving it elsewhere. This is a very hazardous situation, thus, I contacted Mayor Yates, Mayor Alonso and Township Manager Kagler to brainstorm a possible short-term resolution. Until the snow either melts or is removed from corner bus stops, our students should wait for their school bus in the driveway apron closest to their corner bus stop location. At the end of the day, our bus drivers will drop the students off in an apron closest to the corner bus stop location. We ask that the students remain aware of their surroundings as residents may not know students are standing in the aprons and the students should be prepared to move should a resident need to enter or leave their driveway. Parents, I thank you in advance for reviewing this short-term procedure with your son/daughter. Again, once the snow either melts or is removed, our students should plan to resume their normal corner bus stop location. Please contact the Transportation Department at 330.486.2348 with any questions.