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Recycle and get paid?!!

What, What, What?!

The tale of recycling my old freezer

by Vicki Jeromos-Blayney, Communication Committee Char

So, we had this 20-something-year-old freezer.  It’s followed us from three homes, been spruced up with paint, and has housed many popsicles over the years.  But we really weren’t using it as much as before and due to its age we weren’t comfortable selling or giving it away.  Then our First Energy bill came with the notice about picking up old working fridges or freezers, not only for free but they’d give us a $50 gift card! What?!  Liking this idea more and more, we decided to give it a shot.  I called and made an appointment to have our freezer picked up.  As the day approached, we got a call to give us an idea about what time they would stop by.  The gentlemen came on the date and time they said and off the freezer went.  Now we had to wait for the gift card that would be coming in 4-6 weeks.  I am really happy about getting something for it but really just glad it’s gone.  No hassle or fuss.  Two weeks later we got a call that our prepaid Visa card was in the mail and we’d be getting it in 7-14 business days.   And sure enough a little over a week it arrived!  I was still surprised that I would be getting paid for that old freezer, so I checked out the card’s value online.  Yep, $50 on the card.  There is an expiration date of a year away but I’m sure I’ll use it before then.  So in the end they were easy to work with, I’m happy to use less electricity, and I have a ton more space. 

Here is the flyer I received in the mail or for more information go to Appliance Turn-In Program