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Reminderville has a new logo!

Reminderville was established as a village in 1955 with just a few families; one having the last name Reminder. The little village had a volunteer fire department, threw potluck dinner fundraisers to get items they needed, and started building what would become the Reminderville we see today.    

Reminderville became a city per the 2020 census with a population of 5,412 residents.  It was the biggest population growth in Summit County – 59% in ten years.  It seems the little secret that Reminderville was a great place to call home was no longer a secret.  Reminderville is made up of many little neighborhoods inside the city and is a diverse community with people coming together to help each other which was shown during the epidemic in 2020.  Residents also come together to have fun at the annual community events like Family Fun Day and the Santa Toy Delivery.   

We are city-close and country-quiet.  You can easily get to downtown Cleveland for some big-city bustle and then return home to a serene and relaxing setting.  Reminderville currently has five businesses that offer services all residents can enjoy: Drug Mart, El Chile Bravo, 1899, Conrad’s, and the Reminderville Athletic Club. 

Reminderville has certainly grown but still offers the same quality of life residents have come to expect.  As a new city, it was time for a refresh to reintroduce Reminderville.  Mayor Alonso and Council contracted Guide Studio, a design firm led by two Reminderville residents to do the rebranding.  They started with the Rebranding Stakeholders Committee made up of residents from all over Reminderville: Ritu Chakkarwar, Rhonda Crawford, Robyn Fletcher, Nick Gichenko, Mark Kondik, Julie Berthelot, Johnie Reed, Mark Salapski, Amy Salapski, Brandon Tidd, and Ramakrishna Velaga.  This committee worked together to share how they feel living in Reminderville and what makes it special.  Using the information received at that meeting, Guide Studio put together a branding style guide, positioning statement, and new logo package.  It has a more updated feel and the leaves represent the diversity of Reminderville.  We have started using the new logo on city documents and signage will be updated in the coming months.   

 The City of Reminderville positioning statement:

Reminderville is a peaceful haven nestled between busy suburbs.  This city of neighborhoods is woven into preserved land, allowing for a natural retreat for those who call it home.  With a people-first philosophy, its accessible government provides the highest quality of services delivered with care and respect, resulting in a vibrant, diverse, and safe community.