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Stay Safe By Staying Off The Ice!

From The Reminderville Fire Department:

 Winter Safety Warning

 Stay safe by staying off the ice!

With the snow and icy conditions settling into our area, The Reminderville Fire Department is urging people to stay safe by staying off frozen water.

The warning is issued as part of the fire departments’ winter safety messages, and continues on an annual basis.  People of all ages need to understand that no ice is safe.

There are grave dangers of walking on frozen lakes and waterways when temperatures in the area stay around freezing, so please take extra care and keep away from frozen water during the cold snap.

A number of lakes and reservoirs may freeze and whilst they may look enticing as a skating opportunity, the ice is a very dangerous place.

Dog owners must be careful around frozen water and not throw sticks or balls onto ice.  Should a dog go onto the ice and get into difficulty, don’t attempt to carry out a rescue.

It is extremely dangerous if people venture onto ice not knowing how deep the water is below them and particularly how thick or, in most cases, how thin the ice is they are standing on.

Never venture onto frozen ponds and lakes, no matter how safe it looks.  Parents especially need to reinforce this rule with their children.