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2019 Art Show Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted art work & to those who came in to view the submissions & vote for The Lee Barthelman People’s Choice Award!     See the Award Ceremony here:   Information for next year’s Art Show will be out soon!    

Family Story Time and Mobile Library in Reminderville every Friday!

The Twinsburg Library is bringing Family Story Time and the Mobile Library to the City!  Story Time is held every Friday at Heritage Hall at 10:30am.  Family Story Time is open to children of all ages and their caregivers.  The Mobile Library is available to check out & return library items.  Heritage Hall is located… Read more »

In case of emergency…calling 911 on a landline vs a cell phone

In case of emergency… When you call 911 using a landline, the call is traced through the phone number to the exact location it is attached to. When you call 911 using a cell phone, that is not the case!  That phone number is not attached to any one location.  While your cell phone can… Read more »

Do You Know Where You Live?

It may seem like a silly question, but with the uniqueness of Reminderville’s borders and having two school systems, this comes up quite often.  Every street on the Reminderville Street Map is a part of the Village of Reminderville.  Whether you have zip code 44202 or 44087, whether you live in “Old Village”, “New Village”, most of… Read more »